How I Connect with Students

One of my opponents questioned my ability to connect with the students and talked about how my legislation had nothing to do with that ability and I have to say I couldn’t agree more.  What happens in the senate has little to do with our ability to connect with students at this point which is a real problem and needs to change.  There clearly needs to be more outreach to the student body on how they feel on legislation and to make sure the legislation that we talk about is meaningful to the students.

During my time at the College, I have made a huge effort to be involved in different activities around the College.  Throughout my time at the College, during one time or another I have been involved with the CofC Academic Team, Americans for Informed Democracy, College Republicans, College Democrats, Alliance for Planet Earth, the Gay Straight Alliance, the Jewish Student Union, and many other student organizations.  When the office of admissions calls on volunteers to be involved in events for accepted students, I always volunteer to make sure incoming students feel welcome at the College.  This year I volunteered at accepted students weekend for the third year.

I connect with students a lot of the time by wearing a hat that isn’t quite as familiar to the student body as my hat as Vice President of the Student Body or the other hats in Student Government I have worn before,  I wear my orientation intern hat.  As an orientation intern I talk and connect with new students to make sure their wants and needs are being met as they prepare to be students at the College and as much as I am wearing my hat as an orientation intern, I consider how our Student Government Association can help their dreams as College students come true.

When the Student Government Association holds events, I rarely if ever miss them.  I am always happy to talk to the students that I am lucky enough to serve.  When the Student Government Association served at Liberty during the fall semester, I walked around Liberty talking to students asking what the Student Government Association could do for them, taking diligent notes and relaying these to our Executive Council and Executive Board.  My phone number, several email addresses, Twitter, and my Facebook are accessible.  I am not a hard guy to get ahold of and I look for opportunities to make sure that things are going well.

I can proudly say that I connect with our student body and I love walking around and talking to the students here at the College.  The College is here for the students to get an education, both inside and outside the classroom and I strive everyday to make sure that is a possibility for all of us.

Remember, you have until 6 PM tonight to vote and here is how you do it:

  1. Go to and log on to My Charleston.
  2. Next click on the Student Services Tab.
  3. In the center of the Student Services Tab click on SGA Election System.
  4. Then click on Spring Elections 2011.
  5. Select Your Candidates
  6. Remember to click submit once you have made your selections

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