What You Should Know Before You Vote in the Runoff

As stated in the SGA bylaws, there will be a runoff election for Student Body President.  I know all of you are tired of hearing that you should vote and being sent Facebook messages, emails, seeing sheet banners, and etc, but please make sure to vote again on Wednesday.  Your vote is your voice and will change the College and how students voices are heard over the next year.  On my campaign, I have worked to communicate my message by being very specific about what I stand for.  My specific platform goals can be easily found on my website at www.RossforCofC.com.  Beyond this, I have gone door to door in several residence halls trying to get out the vote and talking to students to find out if elected what sorts of things they need.

I guess what I mean to say by this is that I am running for Student Body President because I want to see people experience a College of Charleston better than the one that I have already enjoyed.  The College has given so much to me and the Presidency is the way that I seek to give back to the students, faculty, and staff who have made my time at the College such a pleasure.  I think together, we as a College community can do so much to make the College a better and safer place to learn, but I need your help.  Without being elected, I can’t serve you, so I am challenging you again to head to the polls on Wednesday between 8 AM and 5 PM and to cast your vote for the candidate who above all wants to make the College of Charleston the best it can possibly.  Let’s get started.  Below are instructions on how to vote:

  1. Go to https://my.cofc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin and log on to My Charleston.
  2. Next click on the Student Services Tab.
  3. In the center of the Student Services Tab click on SGA Election System.
  4. Then click on Spring 2011 Runoff election
  5. Select Your Candidates
  6. Remember to click submit once you have made your selections

Thank you for voting!






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