Your Challenge Today

It isn’t every day that you get to do something that will change our College community.  Today you have the opportunity to move the College forward and elect a student representative who will truly stand by you day in and day out.  Every time I talk to an administrator at the College about a problem that they see or a problem that I see, I ask one simple question,”How will the students be involved.”  It isn’t just how will the students be involved with what is going on, but how can we the students be part of the solution.  We as students at the College of Charleston must engage ourselves in our College community.  We must be involved by working together to create the College of Charleston of tomorrow from the College we have today.  For this we need to elect leaders who have a vision for the future and that is exactly what I have.  Most campaign has been focused on some specific campaign goals that I think are achievable, but also on the fact that I want students to be heard.  I love my job and I want to be able to go further with it, but I need your help to do that.  Your job today and tomorrow is to vote.  Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to and log on to My Charleston.
  2. Next click on the Student Services Tab.
  3. In the center of the Student Services Tab click on SGA Election System.
  4. Then click on Spring Elections 2011.
  5. Select Your Candidates
  6. Remember to click submit once you have made your selections

I wanted to thank you for following my campaign and being engaged in campus politics.  It is you the voters and my constituents who will decide who will lead the College of Charleston and I hope to be that person.

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