What Makes Me Different?

About a year ago, I was running for Student Body Vice President and I had two themes to my campaign and they ring true with my campaign for President today:

  1. Let’s have a conversation-What did I mean by let’s have a conversation?  My goal was to be transparent and that is exactly what I was.  I worked to create a new Student Government Association website with more content than our previous one and re-developed the previous one into a blog.  Together, these added more information than ever before available online about what we do.  Our blog has been used to make sure that every week legislation is available as well as for press releases and the Student Organization budgets.  This year, for the first time ever, SGA had a town hall meeting in the semester opposite of our traditional state of the student body.  If elected President I would like to make a fall town hall a tradition of the Student Government Association so the student body knows what we as their representatives are doing.  Comment on here if you have more ideas on how we can become more transparent.
  2. Let’s get stuff done-I had to censor this one the first time, because originally I had a different word instead of stuff.  I work tirelessly for the students I represent.  If there is a meeting where the student body needs to be represented, either I will be there or I will make sure a student is there.  Students should be involved in all decisions made at the College, I mean the place is here for us to learn right?  I will not stop working for you, the students until the job is done.  It is fairly typical for me to get home from the office after 9 PM after a full schedule of classes.  If you’ve ever heard me complain about this, I have a secret (well, not so much a secret as a statement to tell you): I LOVE what I do.  I love waking up in the morning not knowing what I will get to do for the students I work for.  One day I could be answering emails to students, while another I could be working on the SGA website, presiding over senate, meeting with one of the various committees I serve on.  I nothing more than answering that text message from a student who wants to know how to start a student organization, apply for contingency, or even become a senator in SGA.

This might seem like some long drawn out blog, but in reality what I am trying to tell you is about my character.  I will tell you the truth about things, but I expect the same of those around me.  I expect details, plans, and strategy.  Thank you so much for reading my blog and following me on my campaign path.  Remember voting starts on Wednesday March 30th at 8 AM on MyCharleston and will go until Thursday March 31st at 5 PM with preliminary results coming out at 7 PM Thursday.

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