Feeling Better and Everything Else on my mind

So in case you didn’t hear, I was sick on Friday.  Sadly, I missed color war for what I originally thought was strep throat.  My dad had to go to the doctor early in the morning to have the stitches removed from the surgery he had done to have a new defibrillator put in.  When he got back, we went to the Urgent Care over on Johnson Ferry and Roswell Rd.  After waiting in the waiting room for a decade or two, we were finally called in.  A nurse checked my vitals and they were fine.  She then did a strep test, nearly causing me to puke everywhere (she didn’t listen when I told her I have a severe gag reflex).  I waited a couple minutes and the doctor appeared.  He started asked me about CofC, because his daughter is interested in CofC among a lot of other schools, so I sort of gave him my angle and he seemed to pretty much get it.  They strep test came back negative and he decided it was something else viral that would turn into either an ear infection or a sinus infection based on my symptoms.

I woke up the next morning (Saturday) and felt an unbearable headache, my first clue that it was a sinus infection.  I immediately alerted my dad and we went and filled the prescription the doctor had written me as a precaution.  The pharmacist let me know that I should probably eat before taking amoxicillin (I wish the last one had said that before I had taken).  Today was day three out of ten on the amoxicillin which is nice.

I’ve been listening to the song Heard the World by OAR a lot recently and feel like it is quite appropriate for recent days with the deaths of Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon (in no particular order).  The world seems to be on the brink of destruction.  I’m not sure I know who Billie Jean’s lover is or if I should continue to purchase OxiClean if it will be backed by someone in the future who is far less enthusiastic, that is, unless George Foreman gets stains on clothes from using his grills and loves OxiClean.

I’m having a 4th of July Potluck BBQ which should be fun.  I’m tired, time to go to bed.


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