Oxymoron, still not feeling well, and Kickball for a Cause continued

So today on the way to work I pulled out of my driveway.  On my way out of the neighboorhood I saw a squirrel and figured it was dumb and would probably run out into the middle of the road until I saw the most confusing and amusing thing ever.  The squirrel looked both ways (or appeared to) and moved in the opposite way of the road to an even more safe spot.  Smart squirrel I will today proclaim as my favorite new oxymoron.  Jumbo shrimp, okay, smart squirrel, awesome!

I ended up leaving camp early today because I wasn’t feeling well again.  I’m still on antibiotics, but I don’t honestly know how much they have really helped so far, but we’ll just have to wait and see.  When I got home, I laid down in bed, slept for a bit, went on the computer, showered, took a bath, and relaxed.  I took some Hydrocodone, but am not really sure if it did much considering my coughing continue, but whatever.

In planning for Kickball for a Cause, I am coming to a time where it is important that a bunch of things get done:

  1. We need to find a location.  A baseball field on the Downtown peninsula would be the preference, but if we can find an open field that we could use for the tournament, that would work just as well.
  2. When will the tournament be?
  3. How many teams will there be?
  4. How we will raise funds for it?  Will it be that teams register for a fee?  Will it be that each player will have a minimum amount they must fund raise or maybe just an entrance fee for all players?
  5. A specific cause, like what the proceeds will go towards.  If you click on Kickball for a Cause, the facebook group will come up and on recent news it lists some ideas of causes, but if you have any ideas, please leave them as comments.
  6. Who will be referees?

If you have any ideas that could help me with this, I’d really appreciate your input.  I really want to make this into a great event, but I can’t do this without you.  Me and Vern both really appreciate all the enthusiasm with this event and can’t wait to make it a reality!


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