The King of Pop, Mark Sanford, John and Kate Separate, a Baby Mouse, and whatever else

This week has been pretty crazy in the news world so I feel like I need to write a pretty long entry, but an interesting one as well.

Today on my way home from work I stopped at Sears looking to buy a Nalgean.  I have two water bottles that I have been using, but neither are the size I was hoping for when I started the summer, as both are a little too small.  Anyways, I parked my car at Sears and started walking to the door when I saw a tiny baby mouse limp across the asphalt.  One of its legs was clearly broken and the baby mouse looked like it was in a lot of pain.  I saw a woman walking out of Sears and showed her the mouse.  I attempt to lift the mouse with a piece of paper I found, but was unable to do so.  After a couple of attempts, I walked over and got a piece of a plastic bag and lifted the mouse up onto the grassy part and hoped for the best as both myself and the woman left.  I returned to the same spot after not finding the right size water bottle to find the baby mouse dead.  I felt really terrible.  The baby mouse was adorable.

Next, I went to Michael’s and bought a zillion things of white paint (yes, I like to exaggerate, get over it).  I went to the register and after the cashier looked at all the paint I explained it was for color war and she sort of laughed and kept on.  I finished buying the paint and heard a woman trying to find a place to go for Italian and suggested some places nearby.  Next I gobbled down some Orange Chicken and drove over to Target to get a water bottle.  It was at this time that I originally heard anything about what was going on with the whole Michael Jackson thing, but figured it was just 99x hoping to get more listeners.  I found a water bottle and white pair of shorts for color war.  Two Target employees had heard something so I told them what I had heard on the radio and proceeded to the checkout and bought my items.  On the way home, I called my dad to see if he had heard anything about what happened to Michael Jackson and he had only heard a confirmation from TMZ which I don’t exactly consider a great source for any information.

When I got home, a local ABC report confirmed the King of Pop’s death which I was somewhat sad about, but also somewhat skeptical of.  The report claimed that Jackson had died of a heart attack, but I personally wonder if it was a suicide.  If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.  What would you do if you were millions of dollars in debt and had a reputation as bad as his and were stuck in that situation?  I am not suggesting this is definitely the truth, but I would say it isn’t out fo the realm of possibility.

Anyways, now that I have babbled about that enough, I want to talk a little bit about Mark Sanford and John and Kate.  I think that together, these two stories give us a stronger suggestion that the so called American family had collapsed.  In an age where divorce has become the norm, I have been lucky enough to have lived in a family with both parents.  Mark Sanford’s actions are inexcusable and speak volumes for the direction of the Republican Party.  I do not identify myself specifically with either party, but Republicans are making it tougher and tougher for me to defend them.  How on earth can so many people be so hypocritical?  It makes no sense for a party to suggest norms for a party and not follow them.  I recently read an article in Time Magazine about the fall of the Republican Party and as much as I don’t want to believe it, I think it is true.  The Republican Party needs to shape up quick, or it is truly headed on the express lane to oblivion.  The Republican Party can NOT survive if it continues with a do what I say, not as I do attitude.  Mark Sanford has lied to the people of South Carolina and I hope voters remember this.  Although Sanford can not run for office again in the upcoming election, he can run again for governor in the future.

Anyways, I hope everyone really enjoys this entry, I think it is probably one of my longest entries ever, but it should be enjoyable anyway.

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