Bumper Stickers, Coolant, and Heat, Oh My!

So today was an interesting day.  I woke up early to try and get together my super hero day gear, but ended up failing at it epically (Captain Kressel is sort of a lame super hero sadly).  I got in my car and one of the lights in my car said to pull over and check the coolant.  Turns out my car was very low on coolant, so I got back in the car and drove slowly to BP, bought some coolant, and held open the hood while poring coolant in (the thing that holds up my hood wasn’t holding it up).  After this, I went to the trunk of my car to put the bottle of coolant in the trunk of the car and found a nice new bumper-sticker in there.  It said on it,”Spank me, I’ve been a naughty girl”, kind of like this t-shirt.  I don’t honestly know how it got there, but my best guess is that someone put it on the Passat while we were at the Braves-Yankees game.

No news yet on how my mom’s biopsy went.  She came home and didn’t seem too worried which is a good thing.  Today was my SIT Ilya’s last day which was sad.  He has done a pretty decent job with our boys and I’m pretty sure they will miss him.  Have a safe trip to Russia Ilya!  Anyways, only another couple days until color war.  White team will be unstoppable, no doubt.  I have to say that as rough as things have been this summer, I am glad I am at camp.  The campers make me happy and I always have a good time.



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