Cleaning up and Finishing up

So I started cleaning out my dorm today and never realized how much crap I would pile up in a year. It is sort of an on-going process. The floor is nice and clean and has been mopped twice in the last two weeks which is nice. I found a lot of truly random things around my room. I think the funniest thing I found was the Scrabble game I won at the beginning of the year during election night. In reminded me of all the stories I wrote this year for the GSO and home much I have truly changed this year. This entry may sound silly, but it is sort of a tribute to the people who have really done a lot to make me a better person this year. This is sort of my signing your senior yearbook sort of thing if that makes any sense.

Peter: At first I sort of didn’t know who you were going to be. I just thought you were quiet Mr. VP. I found out slowly though that you are a huge asset to not only SGA, but to the college as a whole. Our political discussions were always entertaining and your insight on the world has really meant a lot to me. I’m really sad to see you graduate, but I know I will make you proud in the coming years. Next year when you are big and important working on economic analysis in D.C. don’t forget the little guys in Charleston. I’ll always be your favorite Deputy Chief of Staff.

Patty: I’m pretty sure I scared you coming into the year, crazy ambitious and probably somewhat frightening. RK is a scary guy I guess….me and my 5’7” stature would scare away anyone. You are always so goofy, but always a great person to ask for advice. I don’t think anyone could have prepared me more for next year than you did. I don’t know if you have made a decision yet for next year, but you are going to be successful, I know you will. And no I will not sit on the floor.

Jared: As much as I bash you and call you old, I remain a Padawan so to speak in your eyes. The things we have talked about do not belong on the pages of my blog most likely. You taught me how to write a bill and pushed me to be better than I thought I could be. Good luck next year at Harvard, I know you can do it!

Alex: Oh Alex, I remember first telling Priscila I was interested in being on the Bylaws Committee and I am pretty sure both of you were sort of puzzled. None-the-less, you took me under your wring and now I know the Bylaws better than anyone in senate which is sort of sick and disturbing, but that’s okay. I honestly don’t know where you are going, but I think you will do well, just follow your instincts and I think you will be happy and do well for yourself.

Kristen: I still don’t know you all that well which makes me sad and you are about to graduate, but I know you had an impact on me. You always seem to happy and ready to go. You are such a role model to all the members of AID and the world that everyone who knows you is proud to say they are your friend. I hope you really enjoy South Africa. You are a much braver person than I think I will ever be.

Seaton: Oh Seaton….lol. I remember talking to you about SGA before I got to the college and I had no real interest in joining at all. I figured it would be just a popularity contest like it was in high school and I would get killed by all the competition. Somehow you managed to sway me into running and it has been one of the best choices I have made since coming to the college. You’ve left the incoming Executive Board and Council a lot to work on and work with and we all appreciate that.

Chip: Chip, I’m really glad you convinced me to write for the GSO. Writing stories through out the election was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had and I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t been doing that (maybe studying?). Law school is going to be a cool experience for you I think.

Kelly: Kelly Dewes, sometimes I see you in the office and all I can do is smile. You can be a really goofy person, but you always seem to know when to buckle down. I’m glad I was able to do at least some of the Community Outreach stuff this year. You have a really amazing ability to make everything your committee did fun. I can’t wait to read in the newspaper one day about the great things you have done for the world and the country.

Nate: Sometimes Nate, you give me shit, but it is usually really funny. You and Caroline definitely helped to make sure I loosened up a little bit which is probably a really good thing. You always seem to be having a good time which is something I have to commend.

Vella: Your girlfriend makes the most awesome cookies ever even if that was at the beginning of the year. I really wish I could have you as my teacher. Those kids who you teach are in for a real treat and I can’t even begin to explain how jealous of them I am. Keep being Vella man.

Jowers: Jowers, you are the most ridiculous human being I have probably ever met. I don’t really even know what to tell you. You were a cool RA and you always had something fun planned. Your lunch tours and random other things were fun. You will always be my favorite Napoleon Dynamite look alike.

Brittany Ferro: So one day we are waiting for senate to start and you walk up to me and you give me the little head bob thing and say to me,”Hey big guy.” Now to most people, that’s regular, but Brittany, you are most def taller than me so after reminding you later in the week, you decided it would be cool to address me that way every time which made life fun, no lie. Between that, your “office” and me becoming “Rossberger” you are just kind of hilarious, there is no other way of putting it.

I want to stop at this point. I feel like I forgot some people in here, but if I keep writing, I will NEVER finish ever. Seriously, ever.

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