Freshman Year is Over, Now What?

So I’m chilling in my new cubicle in the SGA office. It is a bit messy, but what do you expect. I am jamming out to Death Cab For Cutie, because that is just how I roll.  It is amazing how far this year has brought me.  It is nice to relax and think about this year.  Last night I took a walk with Elliot.  We are pretty much the only people left on campus at this point other than graduating seniors.  It was a gorgeous night and the perfect thing to remind me why I chose CofC.  The other thing though is I wanted to take a nap after reading Dan Mackin’s note.  He reminded me of how much I love to stare into the sky and read a book.  This summer I want to spend my weekends relaxing, enjoying life, reading a book, and not letting life speed by so fast.  I rode life in the fast lane all year, but I think now would be a great time to look around, or as Ferris Buler said it,”Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Live life that way, take a deep breathe, take a picture, take a minute, take an hour, take a day, but remember in the end it is the things we do and the people we surround ourselves with that make the biggest difference.  I don’t know if 200 years from now if there will be any memory of me, but I know that I am surrounded by some of the most amazing people.  My last entry was a tribute to seniors, so I want to do a tribute to everyone else here, so I hope you enjoy:

Dan Mackin: When I got to college I was a little freaked out that I wouldn’t make any friends, but I was lucky enough to meet you and you are a member of the “triumvirate”.  Your idea to “motion to table” me is kind of ridicioulous, but funny.  This summer is going to be rough without you so find some time to ditch Ninety-six and visit me in Marietta.

Andrew Edahl: The other member of the triumvirate, a group of friends is not complete without a David Bowie look-alike.  Sometimes you claim I “sold” you a senate seat, but none the less, our breakfasts first semester and movie nights are only the beginning.  If only you were living in Kelly with me and Dan 🙁  Nonetheless, come visit over the summer in Marietta.

Dorian Fish: Yo, D-Fish, yeah, not so much, that was a fail.  You’ve always been fun to hang out.  Always up for a good laugh.  I really hope you have a great summer.  It was always fun to drag you with me to parties and etc.

Elliot Dickerson (ED): You are sitting in the room with me as I read this, but I am pretty sure you have no idea that I am doing something completely un-productive right now.  I think SGA with you, Isaiah, and John is going to be a good time.  Thanks for chilling with me last night.  Can’t wait for LeaderShape!

John Capelle: John, you are soooooo goofy.  You always seem to have a good time no matter what.  Thank s for the motivation this year.  You were a big part of the reason I decided to run for an Executive Council Position.  I have confidence that together, the 09-10 Executive Council can accomplish soooooo much.

Isaiah Nelson: Mr. VP, what can I say about you? hmmmmm well, I will be taking Folly Trolley in the near future hopefully. Next year is going to be awesome and you have a lot of responsibility, but so does the entire council. Get ready to brainstorm at LeaderShape, we really need to come up with some great ideas for next year.

Geoff Yost: You have a really bright future in Student Media it appears. It’s been a lot of fun hanging out lately. I hope we chill more next year. See you at LeaderShape.

I’m sick of writing, but there are a shit ton of other people I want to write about so I guess that will be for another entry or something.

Later guys!

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