End of the School Year, Finals, and Transitioning

So this past weekend we had the SGA Executive Board Retreat.  I can proudly and happily say that as a cohesive and active unit, the SGA Executive Board is going to be able to work for some real change for the student body.  The ideas of the other students I will be working for were beyond amazing.  I don’t want to just keep talking about SGA because I am pretty sure all of you are bored of hearing about that.

So Saturday night I went over to Nathan’s place for a little party.  It was a good time, pretty relaxing and gave me a time to just sort of socialize.  I probably stayed out later than I would have liked to have, but life goes on.

So yesterday was Patty’s birthday and I am pretty sure she had a really good time.  We went to this rooftop bar place on Vendue and chilled there for a bit before going to Chucktown Tavern.  Both were a good time.  Derek ended up showing up after I called him and political discussion followed which was beyond entertaining.  I enjoy nothing more than a bit of political debate.  Socialism vs. Capitalism and all of that jazz.  I think the most interesting conversation had to do with legalization of drugs and welfare reform.  I never really thought of the argument in this way, but my friend made an argument that before we can legalize certain drugs (Marijuana, etc) we must remove the safety nets and make it clear that drug use is not an excuse for government handouts.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel on that argument, so I just sort of stayed out of it for the most part.

Anyways, my finals start Saturday.  I have two Saturday (Political Science and Business), one Sunday (Spanish), one Wednesday (Geology) and a paper for English that counts for my final due Wednesday as well.  After all of that is done, I have LeaderShape and cleaning up the SGA office.  Then home for the summer, working at camp for the summer, relaxing on the weekend, and maybe, just maybe a trip to the beach at some point.

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