Snap’s IPO

I think that the IPO for Snap is one of the most interesting in the social media marketplace.  SnapChat is this strange social media service that is personal, but also not.  It is about sharing, but not forever.  It doesn’t necessarily seem like they know where they are going to make money quite yet.  This morning, Snap was trading at around $24/share and at the time I published this story, Snap was trading at $25.24.

Much like a few social media companies that came before them (I’m looking at you MySpace), SnapChat has some business in hardware too.  Snap’s Spectacles are an attempt at what Google tried with Google Glass, but in a very simplified way.  Snap Spectacles come in at just $129.99 (Google Glass was more than $1,000 despite the fact it was basically still in Beta) and in 3 colors (Coral, teal, and black)

Snap Spectacles are basically just sunglasses that can take 10 seconds of video for your SnapChat account and wirelessly add the video to your snaps and SnapChat memories.  Obviously, this is much less feature rich than Google Glass, but simple enough to use for mass market appeal.

I hope Snap figures it all out, because I think the company has an interesting way of communicating, but I don’t know what the roadmap ahead looks like.


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