A Deeper Dive Into Online Stylists

My Stylist
My Stylist

I attempted to talk to someone from TrunkClub about there brand, but received no response.  Rather than give up, I signed up for an account and decided to see what a stylist would pick out for me.  I was assigned to a stylist named Suzanne.  Suzanne seemed nice enough and called me almost immediately to see what I might want to buy. I told her that I was looking for a sports jacket and started to describe it.  My idea was to set this as an experiment and see what brand I might find based on a jacket I found at Nordstroms if I requested something similar.


The Ted Baker London Jacket I like



I gave Suzanne the link to two sports jackets from Nordstrom’s that I like, one by Hugo Boss (mentioned in a previous blog entry) and another one by Ted Baker.  Neither were particularly fancy or out of the ordinary.  I told the stylist that I was looking to find a side vented slim-fit or trim-fit sports jacket.  I also explained that I don’t particularly care for metal buttons.  With all of this in mind, she went to work looking for me for a few days.


Finally, I got an email with some things to look at and she ended up shipping me three sports jackets to try on.  It came in the mail in an interesting looking box that looked like a Trunk (I guess that makes sense, huh?) and wrapped really nicely.  I have to admit that the feeling of opening the box reminded me a little bit of how I felt walking into the dressing room at Nordstrom’s with Susan.


Inside the trunk (it’s really a box as you can see) I unpacked the sports jacket and tried them on with a friend looking at them to give me an opinion on them.  One of the jackets fit pretty well, but I didn’t like the material.  The sports jacket that was like the Hugo Boss jacket was a bit too long.  I let my stylist know that I’d like for a 40 short to be sent since the 40 regular was too long and she indicated that they didn’t have that jacket in a short.

The Trunk from TrunkClub
The Trunk from TrunkClub

The limitation in sizes there was a bit disappointing.  The assertion that I should take an already expensive jacket to the tailor to get it altered didn’t exactly leave me feeling good about my experience.  Overall, my experience with TrunkClub was generally positive.  The stylist did a good job looking for something that I would like and provided service just like Susan did at Nordstrom’s and the salesperson at Brooks Brothers.  While I liked this service, the physical distance to me made it feel a lot less valuable.  The price difference between the items I received from TrunkClub and the ones Susan picked for me at Nordstrom’s were significant, but  I felt like I got more value out of my experience at Nordstrom’s.  Later this week, I am expecting a package from Bombfell, which I plan to review in the same manner.

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