Want More Space to Work out on Campus?

This is more than just about workout space, but my focus to some extent is on that.  This is all about the College’s upcoming Facilities Master Plan.  Facilities Master Plan?  Sounds more like something about world domination than anything else.  Major institutions around the country create Facilities Master Plans to talk about what kind of needs the group has when it comes to space.  With the College’s most recent Strategic Plan, the College has decided to reassess the space at the College and create a new Facilities Master Plan.  When I look at the College and from talking to students, faculty, and staff members, I have heard many things, but the one that I hope to spearhead is the inclusion of a state of the art fitness and wellness center.  Basically, I wwant to work with the administration to include a new workout facility in the upcoming Master Plan.  More importantly, I want to make sure that student’s voices are heard throughout the Master Planning process which I’ve already started doing.  With Master Plans as large as the one of the College, it is necessary to hire a firm that specializes in Master Planning.  I have already looked over samples of parts of the plans created for other universities around the country and have already confirmed with Monica Scott, the College’s Vice President of Facilities Planning that various student groups will be included and obviously an essential part of the process as a whole.  This is about the space that students will be learning in for their four years of College, and we want it to meet the needs of students.  This guys far beyond a fitness and wellness center and includes classroom space.

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