A Story from my Childhood Part IV and some other stuff

I don’t know how, but I have managed to get to a Part IV in this series of entries, which I think is pretty exciting.  My childhood was one that I would say is so different from others it would amaze you.

Soon after I was born my mom came down with this weird rash and hives and had to go to the hospital.  Before they could go though, they had to leave me with my grandparents.  I was still very little and there was no crib at my grandparent’s house, so they took blankets and a tiny pillow and put it in one of the drawers of their dress and left it open for me to sleep in.  I must have been really tiny back then.  I wish I remembered that.  Seems like it would be really cool to sleep in a dresser.  There is an episode of Seinfeld where Kraimer lets a bunch of Japanese tourists do it in his apartment, but the change in temperature warps the wood and Jerry is forced to break the dress with an ax.

When I was little, during the summer when we used to go to Lake Ontario, my dad used to take me and Anna (my little sister) fishing.  My dad would drive us all over to Henderson Harbor over to one of the docks.  There was a large boat gas station there.  We had two fishing poles and my dad didn’t buy a fishing license, because if you are under a certain age you don’t need one and all he was doing was baiting our hooks.  We were in an area where there was no reason to cast the rods.  All we had to do was drop the line into the water and the weights on it would take it down along with the fresh worms my dad had bought at the shop by the dock.  My sister and I caught sunny’s all day long.  I think I must have caught eight of them and my Anna caught about five before we left because she was “soooo bored”.  Upon returning  to Aunt Martie’s House, I would jump into my bathing suit and Anna would usually take a nap.

Anyways, today I got a tweet from @HeatherSolos that I really enjoyed: Hey @rosskressel just found your blog and it has been added to Lowcountrybloggers.com welcome to the blogroll.

This is the first time I have ever been on a blogroll as far as I know so I am VERY excited.

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