Thunder, 13 o’clock, a New Co-counselor, and Crazy Hair

So today at work was an interesting day.  Since my mom threw away my usual color war wig, I was faced with a problem.  In the basement I found an old beard that I had used as part of a Halloween costume several years before.  I used it along with my hat and it was pretty funny until it got too hot out and I hid it in my bag.  Today at camp I also found out that I had a new co-counselor.  My previous co and him had switched and I am still not entirely sure, but whatever.

My group this week is very different from other weeks.  The seem to fit together well despite the odd range of ages in my group.  Inclimate weather forced us inside for a little while.  We played a giant game of dodge-ball during this time, counselors vs. campers.

One of my campers says the cutest/funniest things.  Someone told me to tell him something and his response was hilarious.  I told the camper,”What do you do when the clock strikes 13?”  He responded,”Time to get the clock fixed.”  He never fails to put a smile on my face.  In the pool he tries to drag me across jokingly referring to me as a monster and splashing me.  I always forget during the school year how much I love being around my campers.  The smiles, giggles, and hugs are so rewarding, they keep me going.

I’m sorry this is such a short entry, but I really don’t know that there is much more to write about.  I’m not upset, not that excited, just sort of focused.

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  1. Yay for the campers! Surprising what they can do, despite all of the annoyances they bring us. -shrugs-

    Makes us wish we could be in their shoes for a day. And then we want to be back in our shoes, cause as great as it is being the ones led around… We like the idea of doing the leading.

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