Careful Or You’ll Hurt Yourself

I’m sitting here writing this blog entry listening to the song Careful by Guster and can’t help but to think about what it means about life.  From a human and emotional side, there is only so much we can truly let out.  I set out to blog and be as honest and open as possible, but I find myself everyday leaving out a lot of the “meat” that is me.  The emotions are sometimes left out of these entries and they show up to be incredibly happy-go-lucky and unrealistic.  This entry is an apology for that.  I hate censorship, but when it comes down to it, I’d be lying if I said I was okay with letting all of you in.  Friends, family, and everyone else are great, but I feel like life sometimes is like a blackmail situation, you don’t want to give it all up at once, because in the end, you always need ammo.  There are so many things that will never see this blog that are going on, I will admit that much, but they are going through my head.

The more I think about, the more I realize life is a much beyond the mighty dollar bill.  I’d love to say a couple Ben Franklins would fix the world, but frankly, money can never defeat friendship and love.  It can never be greater than a sweet melody beaming from my speakers.  At the end of the day, a dollar is nice, but a friend is nicer.  Experience will show this to be true.  A life style based on capturing the dollar as if it is the white whale and I am a member of Ishmael’s ship.

I feel as though this whole entry is some crazy rant, but I hope you enjoyed it.  Below is a link to the song I was listening to….



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  1. Bahahah. Nice rant there. But you are right. As people in general, we don’t like telling people whatever the heck is going on. Even if it’s troubling… we’re just stubborn fools that trust nobody. Sure, we want somebody, and we may find a few, but it’s like, “Whatever, still don’t trust that person enough to let him know everything that’s going on in my wacked-out mind.” -shrugs-

    Yeah, I think I’ll start commenting on your blogs these days. Maybe. Depends on the topic at hand.

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