My Flight Home

So it was finally time to go home.  I was finishing up writing a letter with John and Isaiah when Isaiah ran over to Wentworth Street and got his car.  I asked Ms. Norma to use Angela’s computer to print out my bording pass and went about doing it.  The car ride was probably the easiest part of the trip home.  It was nice and smooth and John decided to come along too.  When we got to the airport, I took out my bags from Isaiah’s car and proceeded to check by bag curbside.  John got a luggage tag for my carry-on and filled it out for me which was slightly entertaining.  luggagetag

Being my mother’s son, I was really early for my flight and proceeded to sit down, take out my computer, and watch South Park on iTunes.  My zone was finally called to get on the plane and I got on without a hitch.  After sitting on the plan for an hour, the pilot came on to the PA system and told us there was a mechanical problem and that is why we hadn’t taken off yet and someone was trying to fix it so we would only be waiting for another five minutes.  The pilot comes on again in about 10 minutes and lets us know that they don’t have the right part, but are trying to find out if the FAA will allow them to use another part and we sit on the plane for another 15 minutes.  The pilot comes on and says it doesn’t sound like they will be able to and that we should get up and get off the plane.  30 seconds later he tells us to sit back down because they may give us approval on the alternative parts (luckily I hadn’t gotten out of my seat yet).  The FAA would not approve it and the pilot announced that a plane would be coming in at 6:30 from Atlanta with the part that we need and let us all get off the plane.  I got off, went to the little bagel place in the terminal, had a sandwich, and sat down where I could plug my computer in and recharge the battery.  I watched some more South Park until I got thirsty and bought an orange juice.  They started reloading the plane, so I went back over to the gate with orange juice in hand and got onto the plane.  After sitting for about fifteen minutes, I was starting to wonder what was going on.  The pilot comes on to the PA and announces that the plane carrying the part broke its axel as it landed in Charleston so they had to figure out how to tow it in.  After about thirty minutes, we were finally ready for take off and the flight attendents on my Delta flight to Atlanta announced,”If you have any comments about this flight, please feel free to go to  After I got off the plane in Atlanta, my dad was waiting for me at the gate which was nice.  My bag came off the plane pretty quickly, so we headed for home and now I’m home two days later, leaving soon to go pick up my little sister from Walton and then going out for some lunch.

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