The New SGA Executive Board

If you were chosen to be a member of the incoming SGA Executive Board, I want to congratulate you.  All of those who came in for interviews and wrote letters made these decisions tough.  I want the college as a whole to know that we looked for the best candidate availible and picked who we thought could do the best job.  I am so excited about the things we as the Student Government Association will be able to accomplish next year.  Next year is going to be all about working to make CofC the Harvard of the South and I want to make that a reality.

The point of this entry is really my attempt to connect with the students.  I really want to know what you want.  My duty is to advocate for the student body, but first I must know what your priorities are.  My phone line is always free, a text message is always fun, and I’m always happy to respond to an email.  Remember, you elected us as Senators and Executive Council, so we work for you.


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