What I’m Reading This Week: 3/27/2017

  1. Banks, especially retail ones are losing market share from apps like Venmo.  The LA Times has a report on how banks are trying to claw back into this space with a push into peer to peer payment systems.   While not the same, but related, I wrote a piece on Medium a few weeks ago about how mobile payments are impacting those that were previously un-banked in the developing world.  You might enjoy it as related reading.
  2. Smashbox, a brand owned by Estée Lauder, has some interesting data on how people use a tool for trying on makeup virtually according to a piece in Fast Company.   This could have major implications on how we buy in a post shopping mall world.
  3. The Washington Post has a really cool video of a concept car produced by Lucid Motors.
  4. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is trying to change the way that medical research spreads.  They are changing the way that research is shared, which could have a huge impact on speeding up medical discovery and innovation.  This piece from the Economist is a really good piece.


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