Back to School

So, I am back in Charleston at school and rather than writing a paper, I am procrastinating by writing a blog to update everyone on my life and all that jazz.  So what has happened since orientation?  I guess you are about to find out.

So after sessions 1-9 of orientation were over, I went home to Atlanta and basically slept for a week.  I went to Ikea with my dad and got furniture that I needed for the apartment. I moved into my apartment in Charleston on August 1st and have been here almost the whole time other than one weekend back home.

We had what I was recently told was the most rain in Charleston since 1989 one day during August.  This lead to the death of my car, Sir Andrew (my sister named the car that for some reason), so I am back to being carless like I was freshman and sophomore year.

SGA has been keeping me crazy busy, but it is fun as usual (not as usually, this is not twitter guys!)  I guess overall things are going well and I have a lot less to say than I thought I did.

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