Back in Marietta…for May at least

So it has been a while since any of you have really had an update in my life, so I feel like now is as good as time a ever for me to attempt to do that.  I am sitting in the new Cobb County Library that replaced the Merchants Walk location and all I can think of are the days of returning books to the shelves for hours at a time as a page in 2006.  It was a good first job, but it grew quite tedious, and there were very few things about that job that I really enjoyed after a while.  I can remember boxing aliens back then.  You see, as a favor to the residents of Cobb County, all books taken out from a Cobb County library could be returned to any Cobb County library.  To make sure the books got back to their right original library, we had to put them into alien boxes which were labeled for their library code.  Most books went back to 001, which is central.  Anyways, I am really sick of even thinking of those days.  The library is honestly a subject for another day (maybe a post about my employment history that employers can stare down some day in the future).

So I have been back for one week and one day now.  Since I have been home I haven’t done a whole lot of anything, so I don’t honestly think their is much of a story there, so I will go back all the way to March.  I made the decision to run for SGA Vice President at CofC.  It was a decision that I mulled over a lot and determined that the pros of running for the positions far surpassed the cons (not actually sure what the major cons were anymore at this point, but I’m sure I can find a legal pad with information with strategy hidden away in a box somewhere at home).  While preparing for my campaign, I determined that the best course of action would be to come back to Charleston early from spring break to make sure I am all set to go.

When I got back, I went over to New Student Programs and did some work and my whole campaign pretty much ended up being disrupted by the WBC’s trip to Charleston.  Rather than spending time on my campaign which is something more long term with more clear long term goals, I took a risk and worried about something that was on a much larger scale.  Student Government is one thing, neutralizing hate is another.  It wasn’t that long ago, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that I remember staying up until 2 or 3 AM with thoughts running through my mind of what could go wrong.  Thoughts raced through my mind about possible arrests of students, of the WBC actually finding something to sue because of, or just general failure overall.

When the day came for the counter-protest, I was pretty flustered.  I expected things to run differently from how they did, but overall, they were the best I could have hoped for, because I had no idea what to expect.  I think that day I learned the most important thing I will ever learn in life, which I think also applies to politics, a greater theme of my blog in general.  Always be flexible to what things will be if you aren’t sure how they will end up.  Sometimes things to end up the way you hoped, but if you aren’t flexible about it and don’t roll with the punches, then you are sure to turn up lame with a game over on the screen.  I think I surprised myself more than anyone when I learned this, most likely because it took me so long to let this message truly sink in.

Anyway, once the counter-protest was over, I retreated to my office.  I was exhausted, but also relieved.  Sitting on my desk as I had left it was a copy of an outline I had written for the candidate debate that would be going on later.  What I realized then was that notes like this can help, but certainly are not going to win me an office.  The truth to everything I have done in the “public sphere” if you can even call Student Government that is sweat, elbow grease, with an ear to the concerns of constituents.  I remember at the debate making a crack at Hillary Clinton’s “3 AM Phone Call” commercial.  That is probably the funniest to think of, because to be honest, it isn’t typically an average student texting me at 3 AM, it is one of only a couple people who I won’t name.  If they read this, I’m pretty sure they will know I am taking abut them.

Anyways, I will post again sometime later, I am way too distracted to keep writing this post.  Write again soon.

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