College of Charleston: What Can We do for You?

It has been nearly a month since I last posted on here I am ashamed to say.  There are not enough hours in the day for me to be posting on here like I was over the summer, but the rate I have been posting on here as of late has been unacceptable, especially considering the goal of this blog was to bring a greater level of transparency to SGA and for not doing that I apologize.

Things have been going by fast like I said.  Most bills this year have passed.  Only one of them I consider really important externally.  Following the SGA bike auction, we spent money from the revenues and bought two bike racks to put on campus.  Those should be in any time now.  Beyond that, I can tell you that the vast majority of legislation has been internal.  I know many would complain that this isn’t a good thing, but I would argue something entirely different.  The way for a government or any organization to function effectively is from the inside out.  If an organization is not sturdy on the inside, it is certain to stumble, but it seems as though some of my colleagues may disagree with this idea.  Organizations to me are a lot like houses, they need sturdy foundations before we build them up.  They need to be sturdy before we consider moving in and trying to meet the neighbors.

The purpose of this blog entry was not at all to complain about that, but more so to ask for your help.  I want to know exactly what the students want and need to that the Student Government Association can function in a way that creates positive change that students ask for, even if that means fighting for things I don’t necessarily believe in.  My role is to represent the student interests above my own and not the opposite which some sometimes forget.  Take some time and tell me, come by our office in Stern Center 401.  Come to senate and speak your mind.  Get involved.  More than anything, enjoy yourself.

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