New Jersey/Paintbrushes

I was thinking back to previous summers and something camp back to me: paintbrushes.  Now this may seem odd, but they hold a certain significance to me.  See when I was little I got my hands on a paintbrush, but it wasn’t for painting, no sir!  I LOVED using paintbrushes to spread water on dry parts of sidewalks.  Back when we lived in Bernardsville I can remember my mom and at other times Michelle the babysitter taking me to the pool.  I would go into the baby pool and take the paintbrush and make sure I got every space of the boiling hot concrete covered with water.  Depending on how much water there was I would just spread the wetness with the brush or go back to the pool for more.  Sometimes I was lucky enough to have a bucket to aid me in my “job”.

I was only two or three or maybe even four at that point so I don’t specifically remember why I did it, but I think today it serves as a great symbol for my work ethic.  See, I wouldn’t put down the paint brush until I got every tiny nook filled with water on the sidewalk just like I don’t give up on a job.  I am human and a I get frustrated like everyone else, but I work my hardest no matter what.  I also always ensure I always have all of the right tools at my disposal.  I can remember one day right before we moved from that house to Millington I got my paintbrush stuck in one of the cabinets.  I was very upset and to this day I’m not entirely sure why (I had a genuine attachment to a paint brush?  heck if I know).

Anyways, the Yankees won today 5-0 against the Red Sox for the 3rd straight game.  CC Sabathia pitched really well today, keeping the game perfect for more than 4 innings.  The win put the Yankees ahead in the AL East by 5.5 games.  My excitement grows with everyday at the chance in watching the Yankees return to the World Series.  I was spoiled when I was little watching the Yankees win three in a row (I have a poster near my computer from 2000 that says on it “Three-Peat” with pictures of Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, Orlando Hernandez, Roger Clemens, Scott Brosius, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettite, and two other players I can’t quite make out).  Let’s go Yankees!


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