Camp Barney, Old Campers, Squirrels, and my Beard Fail

So I know all of you missed hearing me chronicle my life, so here’s a new entry that I think will be pretty enjoyable:

So Thursday we left for Camp Barney.  The day before had started the “squirrel trend”.  One of my campers started eating a graham cracker and goes,”Look at me, I’m a squirrel,” and from that spawned things like “mutated squirrel food” (graham crackers) and talking sort of like chipmunks/squirrels.  One camper was particularly enthusiastic about this.  Every time I said squirrel, he now runs over to me and practically tackles me and yells squirrel.  It is quite entertaining.  To get the campers together as a group now, all I have to yell is “Squirrels Assemble!”.  While I was there I saw so many of my old Camp Chai campers.  It was so odd to me, being there seeing so many old campers and so many people I knew in high school.  In other news, my beard was becoming an uber fail so I gave up on it and shaved today.  Sorry to those of you who were entertained by it.  My chin looks really empty to me in the mirror, but as I would say,”eh.”

Until later, peace out


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