CougarTrail is back online!!!!!

Hey Guys,

After stressing out about CougarTrail going down yesterday, it is finally back up.  Voting will continue on CougarTrail an additional hour after 5 PM tonight for every hour it was down yesterday during voting hours.  I encourage everyone to vote, whether you plan on voting for me, one of my opponents, or not even voting for someone for Secretary.  I’m going to leave you with the how to steps on voting once again:
1. Log on to CougarTrail
2. Once inside CougarTrail, go to the College Menu
3. Select SGA Election System
4. Once inside, click on SGA Spring 2009 Election and make your selections

All enrolled students can vote. Seniors too!

Thanks to all those who have supported me and hopefully the election results will come out sooner rather than later.


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