The Truth Behind all Positions in SGA

There are many who may argue with me about this, but there is one thing that I must admit about Student Government.  Student Government is something that we should all be honored to be a part of as well as understand that we are here not to serve our own agendas, but listen to the needs, wants, desires, how ever you wish to put it of the Student Body.

Sure, I am running to be the next SGA Secretary, but not for a title, not for money, and not for something to put on my resume, but to represent the interests of all college organizations.  The organizations at the college are something that really makes us special.  We have such a wide variety of organizations that put on a wide variety of programs, whether it is the Gay-Straight Alliance helping put on the AIDS Fashion Show earlier in the year, ACM’s LAN parties throughout the year, AID’s consistent co-sponsorship of events, and so many more.  I want to see organizations like these thrive and as Secretary, I think I would be the best person to ensure that organizations put on the best programs possible.

I wanted CofC to be great and got your vote in 08, on Wednesday and Thursday, I want you to be a boss and vote for Ross.


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